Weekend in the Countryside

Last weekend I stayed in a cottage near Hereford with some friends. We left on Friday night, making the 2 and a half hour drive to the house, arriving before anyone else. We explored the house, which was quite old and the bunk beds were army beds, (as soon as this was mentioned my brother started doing a “commando crawl” around the house!) and so smaller than usual single beds, but it had a relaxing vibe to it. Later that evening we had spaghetti for dinner, with 16 of us sitting around a big table. We spent the rest of the evening playing board games and table tennis (there was a table in the basement.)

On Saturday we spent most of the day outside, playing games in the forest behind the house and getting very muddy! In the morning we did an activity which required a lot of running up and down the paths in the forest, getting very tired. After lunch we went back outside and made a mud slide. Needless to say this ended quite predictably; with everyone getting very wet and muddy! It was a hilarious experience, with a lot of us getting muddier than we’ve ever been in our lives! Our entire bodies were caked in mud, plus a few of our faces! Despite all the fun, cleaning the mud up was not a very enjoyable job. Each one of us seemed to have left a trail of mud around the house! Once this was cleaned up, one of my friends and I ended up having a mini disco upstairs, dancing along to songs from the Lion King! Dinner time was also fun, as we ended up having very deep (and hilarious) conversations about a number of different things. We played games all evening, including charades, (which I was not very good at!) and snacked on delicious brownies which some of us had made. It didn’t take us long to fall asleep, as we were all completely worn out by our forest adventures!

Sunday started bright and early so that we had time to go into Hereford and explore before going home. I’d never been to Hereford before, so it was all a new experience, but my first impression of the city is that its fairly small but very nice, with plenty of places to shop and eat. We visited the cathedral and took lots of photos of the rest of the city. We ended up getting custard slices and doughnuts from Greggs as we got very hungry! When we got back we had to do a massive clean up due to the fact it was a self-catering house. This didn’t take too long as there were plenty of us to help out. We had a quick lunch of jacket potatoes and then headed off home. It was a good weekend – even if quite tiring and we all enjoyed it a lot!


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