Hey 🙂

Spring is finally here – even though it may not feel like it yet!

I was going through my wardrobe over the weekend and sorting out some stuff for a car boot sale and found loads of clothes which I haven’t worn for ages. One of the items was a really cute pinafore dress, which I’m now obsessed with.

It is black with white hearts on and has big gold buttons on the top where the back attaches to the front. The material is fairly thin so unless worn with a few layers it’s not very warm. It’s still pretty chilly in the UK, so I wore it with black tights, a white cropped sleeve t-shirt and black ankle boots, so I didn’t get too cold. In the summer I’ll wear it with a white crop top or camisole, without tights and with converse or pumps.

One thing I love about the pinafore is that it zips half way down the side rather than having to undo the buttons, which is very useful simply because it’s a lot less effort when taking it off. I’m not sure how much everything was, or even if it’s still in stock as I got them either for my birthday or second hand a while ago, but in case you were interested anyway:

The top (not pictured) is from New Look.

The pinafore is from Primark.

(And the tights were from my mums draw haha – basically all of mine seem to have holes/ladders in them).

I hope this gave you some inspiration! 🙂

Megssaskia x


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