Christmas Party Outfit

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought the best way to kick off the festive season is to do a Christmas-themed post! This is actually inspired by a gorgeous dress I found recently in a charity shop and thought would be a great outfit for a Christmas party in a few weeks. Thanks to my grandma – who dragged me into the charity shop for the millionth time, and bought me the dress. 🙂

The dress is red lace with a satin underskirt. It has a fairly high neckline and finishes just above the knee, which is great if you aren’t keen on showing too much skin. The sleeves a 3 quarter length and do not have any material under the lace, which gives it a really pretty effect. I love how elegant lace is and this is (surprisingly) the first lace dress I have ever owned – actually now I come to think of it, I don’t own much lace clothing apart from a few skirts. Definitely need to keep my eye out for lace tops! I paired the dress with a pair of chunky black heels, which could be traded for delicate silver sandals depending on how posh the occasion is. These are so comfy and I bought them from Topshop a few years ago.

As usual I have inserted a few pictures of the dress and shoes below. I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration for your outfit if you didn’t already have some 🙂

Megssaskia x


2 thoughts on “Christmas Party Outfit

  1. I have a dress just like this, with a similar, serendipitous story of finding it! I never get to go out to clubs, so one night when I finally convinced a friend to go with me, I realized that I actually had nothing to wear. I also didn’t have enough money really to be going out clubbing, let alone shopping. I scored this dress from TJMaxx for $14! Hope you had a lovely time in yours 🙂

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