Monthly Favourites

April is finally here, which means it should get just that bit hotter and also rainy! I’m gonna write about some of the things I’ve been loving this month, and maybe you’ll like them too and try them out.


I got this quite a while ago and it’s worked really well. Its the Wake Me Up Rimmel London in 001 Black. I only ever go for black mascara’s because they work best with my complexion and I don’t really fancy other colours. This just makes my lashes look longer and more defined. The only part I dont particularly like is the brush because I much prefer thinner brushes – I find they’re better at seperating lashes and the big ones make my lashes clump together slightly.


Pantone Nail Varnish

Normally I go for more bold coloured nail varnishes, such as blue’s or red’s, so I was quite suprised when I really liked this one. It’s a pinky-nude colour and goes with every outfit because of it’s very subtle colour. In fact, from a distance you can’t tell that it’s nail varnish, it just looks like I have incredibly healthy nails, which is awesome.

Hand Cream

In the Winter and colder months, my hands get very dry so I have to look after them otherwise they start to bleed and look like old grandma hands haha. I don’t particularly like putting cream on my hands because it takes so long to dry and feels so gross. This hand cream however, wasn’t too bad and dried so quickly, as well as doing a great job and keeping my hands soft. Plus, it was pretty cheap too as it was only from waitrose.


I wear/love this all the time but since this is my first montly favourites I thought I would include it. My boyfriend gave me this necklace for Christmas and he obviously knows me really well because I love simple necklaces that are gold or silver. I’m not really one for big statement necklaces, but I would like to try one and see if I could pull it off because other people look great in them. I wear this most days because it goes with all outfits and just adds an extra little bit to it.

Sims Freeplay

This seems like a bit of a strange thing to put in, but trust me it is so good. I downloaded it around a month ago after one of my friends at college kept going on about it and I’ve been fairly addicted to it ever since. In case you’re unaware as to what Sims is, it’s a game where you basically build your own town and look after the people in it. My favourite part is definitely building houses, because you can design the shape, furniture and general style of it. This really appeals to me because I love things to do with making houses look nice and homely. I also can’t wait until I get my own house/apartment so I can design it to my hearts content!


I love candles, I think they can give a room a really homely feeling and completely transform it. I recently got a Pineapple and Ginger scented candle from Primark and it smells so good and lasted for quite a while. It was only £1 which I thought was very cheap for how good it was. They had 3/4 other scents but I only got one, although I’m definitely going to try the others out.

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites blog. It’s shorter than I would like it to be but I simply didn’t absolutely love very many things! I also didn’t insert photos of everything because my lighting was pretty bad so sorry about that!

Megssaskia x