Milan 2017

I think I’ve found my new favourite city! I recently went to Milan, Italy and it was awesome. I went with my dad from Wednesday to Sunday, so only for a few days but had a great time. I’d never really heard of anyone I know going to Milan and if they had it was just to pass through so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I absolutely loved the city with its chilled (and some very handsome!) locals, delicious food and breath taking sights.

The first thing I noticed was how chilled all the ‘locals’ were. No one was rushing anywhere and they all seemed so content! Loads of people were wearing suits as well, I don’t know how they didn’t burn up considering it was about 30 degrees! It had a very business-work vibe which I love!

We visited the Duomo, i.e. the gothic cathedral, on day one. We did the museum tour including going underneath the cathedral to see the archeological ruins from when it was first built. The inside of the cathedral was beautiful and absolutely huge! One thing which stood out to me was the tapestrys displayed from the ceiling – I’ve never seen this before so thought it was quite cool and unique. However, my favourite part was the outside. I’ve heard that the Duomo has been compared to a cake and a hedgehog. It certainly looked like a cake! Every single spire had a little statue on it and each was carved so intricately. We went to the ‘terraces’ which was basically the roof. This provided great views of the city sky line. The best way to describe the awesomeness of this is to just show you photos!





Stained glass windows


On the terraces



Views from the top of the Duomo
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On day two we went to Castello Sforzesco. We didn’t do any of the tours or museums there but we walked around it and through the gardens. This was pretty impressive; both the castle and the grounds were beautiful. There was a live band playing in the grounds which (I’m assuming) was there because the Friday was Republican Day. This is an Italian holiday celebrating something to do with the monarchy they used to have. It was good to experience some local culture whilst we were there! On the same day we did an open top bus tour around the city. We hopped on and off at various locations and it also took us to the football stadium, which my dad was very impressed with!


Live band

Inside the castle
Inside the castle



Castello Sforzesco

On day three (our final day) we strolled around the city and went to the Teatro Alla Scala. This was so impressive! The theatre was enormous and it was fun to imagine what I’d be like to sing and act in front of a crowd that big. We also went through the museum there as well which taught us all about the life and works of various famous composers. We also walked through the shopping centre several times throughout our trip. This is one of the oldest shopping centres in the world and looks more like a palace than a shopping centre! Milan is the home and fashion and it’s clear to see why!


Theatro Alla Scala


First Prada store



Inside the shopping centre


Outside of the shopping centre

We also strolled along the Navigli canals on our final day and had lunch beside them. There were various market stalls up and down the streets so we walked around those as well.


Navigli canals

The food was delicious! I ate mostly pasta in the evening and we had salads for lunch. On our first day there we found an awesome salad bar which was like a fast food salad resturant. They had the biggest selection of salads and puddings I’ve ever seen! Another place we went to had the best seafood spagetti I’ve ever had! There are so many good places to eat around the city and most are reasonably priced. I thought it was cheaper than London. We also went to an ice cream cafe where we got served the biggest, yummiest ice creams I’ve ever seen!

The buildings were so grand and reminded me a bit of some streets in Oxford city centre. The central station was more like a museum than a train station! It was huge and the building was amazing.


Square outside the station

The trip was awesome and I’d love to go again! I might even start to learn Italian so I can move there someday! I hope you enjoyed this travel post.


Megssaskia x

New to my wardrobe

It feels like way to long since I’ve done a fashion post! They’re a little tricker to plan because you have to take photos so I like to do it when I have enough time to do it properly! I thought I would show you some of the things I’ve bought over the last couple of weeks – links to each item will be at the bottom – enjoy!

Bardot top


This is my first Bardot top! I expected it to be really uncomfortable but it’s actually not too bad. I love styling this with black jeans, a denim jacket and some little black boots. It’s great for a casual evening or daytime look.

Checkered skater dress


I absolutely love skater dresses – they look great and can be dress up or down – so when I say this one I was hooked. It kind of reminds me of an outfit out of a fairy tale. I can’t wait to wear this when it gets a bit warmer with some white converses. H&M also have loads of other dresses in the same style so I’m definitely going to go grab some more!

Black denim dress


This was a bit of a push from my usual style but I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised by how it looked! It is bodycon so it very flattering around the waist. I have to say, the picture does not do it justice! I wore this with a checked shirt for a friends birthday dinner a few weeks ago and felt comfortable in it all evening.



This was a little treat to myself after the first week back at college after the holidays. I’ve been needing a small evening bag for ages and was so pleased when I came across this one in Accessorize. It’s the perfect size for evenings (or even day trips!) and just fits my phone and purse in.



These are a little daring and I have no idea when I’m going to end up wearing them! But I thought they were so pretty and I love the embroidery on the heels. The price for these was also amazing at (I think!) £16. They were from Primark so I cant give a link for them!

Top –

Checked skater dress –

Black denim dress –

Bag (I can’t find the exact bag for some reason but this ones very similar!) –,acc_1.7/2896914100

Megssaskia x

Monthly Memories – April

So you’ve heard on monthly favourites….I thought I would do a twist on this called ‘Monthly Memories’ I haven’t heard of anyone doing this before so decided to do something new. Also, if this is already a thing and I just haven’t heard of it please let me know in the comments! So here’s how this is gonna work; I’m gonna give an overview of my month, every month, so I can look back in a few years. One or two of these are from the last few days of March but I thought I’d include them anyway 🙂 Enjoy!

This month started with a trip to the cinema to see the new Emma Watson film Beauty and the Beast. I went with one of my friends and it was one of those spontaneous outings where we were both bored on a Friday night so decided to go out. Regarding the film, it was so much better than I thought it was going to be! I’m not a big Disney film fanatic or anything so I wasn’t too bothered about it but seeing a classic film remade was pretty awesome. Also, who knew Emma Watson could sing so well?!

My grandma came to visit this month (as she does most months!) and we made a point of having a girly outing into Oxford. We went shopping and had some lunch in one of my favourite cafes. A few evenings after that my dad, grandma and I went out for dinner at a Tapas bar in Oxford. We’d never been before but it was so good!

One exciting thing that happened this month was one of my friends turned 18. We celebrated by going out for dinner and then drinks and beerpong back at his house. The place we went for dinner was SO nice! It’s one of those places you drive past so many times but have never actually been so we thought we’d try it out. It was such a good evening filled with laughter and fun!

My grandparents from Switzerland and my cousin and her boyfriend visited for a few days. It was awesome to see them all – especially my cousin as I hadn’t seen her for about 5 years! We had a lot of family fun; looking at old photos and laughing at memories.

Easter was this month as well so we celebrated that with a string of events. On Easter day we cycled to a nearby village and had lunch at the pub there – they do the best stuffed mushrooms! We also tried cycling with Jazz (our dog) on the lead next to us. This did not go as planned and I’m amazed my dad stayed on his bike throughout this!

And last but not least, last weekend a group of friends and I went to the pub. This has recently become a bit of a hang out place and I love it there. I don’t drink but love the atmosphere. My friends ended up having a few too many, which was very entertaining. We went to a local fair on the same night and I don’t know how they managed to go on so many rides given their tipsy state! Two of my friends and I then had a sleepover the same night and stayed up ages chatting – I hadn’t seen either of them in ages so it was the best night. The next morning we went to a trampoline park called Rush for my friends little sisters birthday party. I’d never been before but it was so much fun! I think I managed to hurt my back someone but it was well worth it!

That’s it for this month – I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to so feel free to leave a comment letting me know!

Megssaskia x

Summer Outfits

Hi! Exams are finally over and summer is upon us – or should be anyway! I love summer styles so I thought I would do a blog post and show you a few of my favourite outfits. Unfortunately it’s still not warm enough in England to wear shorts but I’m going on holiday soon so I’ll have the chance to bring out all my favourite summer clothes.

Outfit 1

This outfit is very casual and I wear it a lot with jeans as well because it’s so comfy and perfect for everyday wear. I just put a cropped t-shirt with some white ripped shorts and tied a blue checked shirt round my waist. Any plain t-shirt and shirt will work for this and if it’s too cold for shorts they can be easily swapped with jeans. If it gets a bit colder in evenings then you can use the shirt instead of having to take a jumper.


Outfit 2

Dungarees are one of summers must haves! They look so good with various different tops. I love to wear them with high neck crop tops which have a colourful pattern so it’s not too plain. I’ve put denim dungarees with a gold, white and black aztec pattern top. This is perfect because it’s so quick to put on and the shorts aren’t too short.


Outfit 3

High waisted shorts and a crop top always look so good and can be worn casually in the daytime or smarter in the evening. For evenings I would use shorts of another material rather than denim in order to dress it up a bit more if going out to dinner or for a party. It also looks good with a kimono or cardigan over the top for when it gets colder.


Outfit 4

This outfit is perfect for slipping over a swimming costume/bikini or for laying around the house. The material on both the shorts and jumper are so comfy which is great for lounging around in. The shorts are black with coloured patterns on which is good because they match lots of different colours.


Outfit 5  

This is one of my favourite outfits because it can be worn in the day or at night with a denim jacket. Dresses are great for summer because sometimes when it’s very hot wearing tight shorts and tops can be quite uncomfortable – a dress can be easily slipped on. Denim jackets are also great and I think this light denim is perfect for creating a summery vibe.


Outfit 6


This outfit consists of simply a swing dress and belt. This can be quickly slipped on over a bikini by the pool or worn out and about. When wearing it out I like to put a brown belt around the waist and pull the top of the dress over the belit as this is very effective and makes it slightly shorter as I find them comfier above the knee. I love the blue and white pattern, the high neck and the material is fairly thin so it’s brilliant for hot summer days.






I hope this gives you some outfit inspiration if you don’t already have any. I’d love to know what your favourite summer outfit is so leave me a comment below. Have a great summer!

Megssaskia x


Hey 🙂

Spring is finally here – even though it may not feel like it yet!

I was going through my wardrobe over the weekend and sorting out some stuff for a car boot sale and found loads of clothes which I haven’t worn for ages. One of the items was a really cute pinafore dress, which I’m now obsessed with.

It is black with white hearts on and has big gold buttons on the top where the back attaches to the front. The material is fairly thin so unless worn with a few layers it’s not very warm. It’s still pretty chilly in the UK, so I wore it with black tights, a white cropped sleeve t-shirt and black ankle boots, so I didn’t get too cold. In the summer I’ll wear it with a white crop top or camisole, without tights and with converse or pumps.

One thing I love about the pinafore is that it zips half way down the side rather than having to undo the buttons, which is very useful simply because it’s a lot less effort when taking it off. I’m not sure how much everything was, or even if it’s still in stock as I got them either for my birthday or second hand a while ago, but in case you were interested anyway:

The top (not pictured) is from New Look.

The pinafore is from Primark.

(And the tights were from my mums draw haha – basically all of mine seem to have holes/ladders in them).

I hope this gave you some inspiration! 🙂

Megssaskia x